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by Sonia Greenfield

If you listen close
To the shell-shaped cookie
You can hear the ocean

And the sea's fortune speaks:
You will never know hunger. Buy Cephalexin Without Prescription, As if it were simply enzymatic

To digest this idea.
As simple as bread in mouth
To quiet the din

Of organs consuming organs, Cephalexin from canada. Purchase Cephalexin online, The noise cries up
From my belly

Even after the food gets eaten,
Because appetite does not succumb
To matters of meat, buy generic Cephalexin. Herbal Cephalexin, Take for example
The flesh loneliness
Of a room solely occupied.

This crumb and water subsistence of one, kjøpe Cephalexin på nett, köpa Cephalexin online. Cephalexin for sale, A crash diet; the sense of shrinking;
A body starved for attention,

Until we feed and give back
And feed again in the cyclical chain
Of pleasure, order Cephalexin from mexican pharmacy. Buy no prescription Cephalexin online, As in the lover
Who consumes my orchard,
Heavy with bearing, Cephalexin without a prescription, Taking Cephalexin, In exchange for his grain—
The field wide with the fury
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by Stephen Gibson Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, This is what men do when they can not sleep:
They sit and write poems to you through the night,
Or they wander the alleyways saying your name to the universe,
Over and over again, rehearsing your name like the answer
To a question they want to be asked.
They do this again and again so that your name becomes
Foreign in their mouths, is Diflucan addictive. Diflucan overnight, Repeating it so often to the storefront windows
And to the blue lightning pulsing in the clouds,
Your name becomes strange, Diflucan for sale, Buy cheap Diflucan no rx, Use has made it
Unfamiliar. Still, Diflucan without a prescription, Where to buy Diflucan, they search the city
All night long thinking they will run into you
At every corner and through the black light
Of every night club.
But they have missed the point, generic Diflucan. About Diflucan, They do not understand what it means to have the heart's dreaming
Ripped from the heart's muscle
And then to have the heart shot off this planet.
If only they could have your name back they would remember
The taste of a sadness, Diflucan pics, Diflucan schedule, the sensation
Of this longing.
Then they would be able to sing these songs of trains
And women leaving, Diflucan canada, mexico, india, Buy Diflucan online cod, and their guitars
Would be terrified by the chords floating from their wooden bodies
And their women would become frightened of their places
In the lyrics of these songs—
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By James Kerns Buy Arimidex Without Prescription, Another Hemingway Sunday
Eases by on a gin and khaki breeze,
The afternoon fading to caramel
And nudging unfinished hangovers
Into fuzzy recollections.
Our shirt collars are queued to another sunset, Arimidex dangers, Arimidex results, Another black X marked on the calendar of dreams,
Another round of blurry oaths sworn to glass reports, low dose Arimidex. Purchase Arimidex, Gray city, who shall call you when the siege is lifted, rx free Arimidex. What is Arimidex, Who will wave-off the masses plucking your bazaars,
Fondling your customs, order Arimidex online overnight delivery no prescription, Doses Arimidex work, slipping your secrets
Into the pockets of their travel pants.
Legions of mail-order expatriates cruise
The sleekness of your nights
Brandishing independence and living from café to curb, order Arimidex from United States pharmacy, Where can i cheapest Arimidex online, Throwing languages from their lips
As bread is tossed to vagrant animals.

Favorite geographies are recounted like old lovers
With the same nostalgia sun-ripened mangoes
Excite in taste buds and callused palms,
A banquet of flavors sprawled over the past
Grown more beautiful and irreplaceable with time, Arimidex long term. No prescription Arimidex online, Each speaker stirs his drink
And quietly endures the others in turn
For the chance to recall those promises again
As though they were still out there
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Buy Plavix Without Prescription, This poem will not be

It won't talk of the wasted
Energies of humanity
Pictured each day in the framed faces
Of bus windows, Plavix alternatives. Plavix samples, No, it will not be slow, Plavix description, Is Plavix addictive, Tedious, or boring, Plavix maximum dosage. Plavix schedule, It will not be another ode
To loneliness,

Nor will it reminisce
Missed chances, Plavix overnight, Plavix treatment, or the furtive
Glances from which we turn.

No, Plavix cost, Where to buy Plavix, this poem will be about
A song that slowed time
To a near stop -

An acoustic guitar, the slow
Pluck of chords, Plavix use, Plavix long term, no more than
Three notes at a time.

The soft padding of fingers dampening strings
To prevent sounds unneeded, kjøpe Plavix på nett, köpa Plavix online, Generic Plavix, Extra sounds
That would only complicate.

No, my Plavix experience, Purchase Plavix online no prescription, this is about a single human voice
Singing nothing


(my baby's gone home)

- Jason Ward Boyte

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Buy Revatio Without Prescription, In one dream, I open the door
after work, and walk inside.
There is my reading chair, order Revatio online c.o.d, Revatio online cod, solid
in the corner, a couch, Revatio pharmacy, Revatio images, built-in shelves lined with books
about the Civil War, photographs, Revatio street price, Online Revatio without a prescription, paintings and art work by friends on the walls...
I step inside, purchase Revatio online no prescription, Order Revatio from mexican pharmacy, but I don't
turn on the light.
I shut the door, where to buy Revatio, Real brand Revatio online, then lie face down
on the carpet,
winter coat all buttoned up, where can i find Revatio online, Revatio blogs, the galoshes
still covering my shoes.
It's almost eight o'clock and the heater hisses out
a generous helping of evening heat, Revatio for sale, Buy Revatio online no prescription, while outside people are stepping
down from buses, cement trucks
beep in reverse as they back out of mid-city
construction sites, Revatio maximum dosage, Where can i buy Revatio online, and men in suits like mine stride past cubicles
gripping the handles of brief cases,
just as I'm doing now, Revatio from canadian pharmacy. Revatio pictures, It's a dream
so I try to open my eyes, but I can't
because I'm wondering about the
heaviness, buy Revatio without a prescription, Order Revatio from United States pharmacy, about the burden
of a life of things.

- Stephen Gibson

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By Jason Ward Boyte

Remedy chaos

With tabernacle glue.

Martini slants

     just as sticky

Buy Sominex Without Prescription, The lure of stasis,

We pour out into tiny puddles

To settle and congeal,

     becoming solid in a (spineless) way

The rainbow in the puddles of oil

Behind the Church of the Nazarene.

There's gold there for the taking.

The soldier in uniform

Laughs in line,

A reflex.

The angles of his hair

(the smooth around the ears

and neck) suggest machine.

The butch cut

Of social gas, the

Flavor of pig

Is practical

     (like coupons)

Somewhere a boy spins a wheel

Of his own making down

A narrow dirt path

A plane flys above

With payload.

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