ululation.com was created in 1998, founded by Jason Ward Boyte and Mason Nilsson in an effort to highlight creative talent and unique, well-formed opinion. At that time, voices were often unheard, drowned out by large, established media. ululation's popularity was impressive; being one of the first and few of its kind, ululation received thousands of hits a day. Sadly, it became too much for Jason and Mason to handle, so they reluctantly had to close up shop. Now, the atmosphere is different - blogs have changed the internet and the publishing landscape forever. Instead of too little information and access to media, one can now argue that there is too much in some cases. So much information is out there and anyone can produce it.  Rumour becomes real and our collective attention span that has always been so famously short, has become shorter.   Is it the evolutionary inevitability? Perhaps, perhaps not. Nonetheless, we love the egalitarian aspect of the Internet.  It is truly what ululation stands for.  We won't be linking to bikini pics, or news on teen starlets falling down in public.  That isn't us.  We will highlight news pieces that are interesting, share fiction and poetry as well as visual art, and encourage thoughtful participation.  In the days to come we hope that ululation can once again become your oasis for the unique content you are looking for.